Melinda believes that everyone should have financial peace and success. By being a SmartVestor Pro for Dave Ramsey, she helps clients become knowledgeable and educated concerning their personal finances, investments, and overall financial plan. By helping clients understand the market, risks, taxes, investment options, goals, strategies, and other facctors affecting the outcome of a client's wealth-building plan, she truly believes that education is the key to achieving financial success.

Dave Ramsey is a nationally recognized personal finance guru, best-selling author, and radio personality with an enormously successful radio show with over 15 million listeners. Dave's show, books, and Financial Peace programs have helped transform the lives of thousands of families by inspiring them to get out of debt, build wealth, and "live like no one else" so later they can "live like no one else." SmartVestor Pros are investment professionals who have committed to the Dave Ramsey principles an dsigned a code of conduct as part of the program.

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